Fazıl Boyner was born in 1922  as a son of an extended family in Tosya province of Kastamonu. His work life began in 1940 next to his family who engages in trade about mohair exports. He took a big step forTurkey at that period and attended fairs in Germany and exported mohair to England. Hasan and Fazıl Boyner brothers, in 1943 as an example of th efirst privatization projects in Turkey they bought the Tosya Çeltik Factory via Sumerbank.In1952 , he fronted to industry beside the trade and established Altınyıldız which will lead the way along with Ahmet Sadıkoğlu, Hasan Boyner and Ali Osman Boyner. Fazıl Boyner worked in various stages also as a chairman of the executive board of the holding. Fazıl Boyner has known for helps to community as well as the identity of te businessman, as one of the founders of  Chamber of industry, chairman of  Chamber of Mohair and Woolen Exporters and a member of the Istanbul Mercantile Exchange. He died on October 31, 1996.


Following the signing of the protocol between the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health on February 2nd,1992 regarding the establishment of vocational schools of health services within the high schools of health, the institution was officially converted into the School of Health Services as a part of Gazi University on May 18th,1993 and started to offer education to 19 students.

In accordance with the regulations dated May 23th 1995, education period in the departments of midwifery, nursing and health services was extended to 4 years by Supreme Health Council, and a protocol of cooperation regarding the schools of health was signed by the Council of Higher Education and by the Ministry of Health on November 26th 1996 to enable these schools to use the buildings of high schools of health which belong to the Ministry of Health.

In line with the decisions of Council of Ministers with No. 96/8655 dated November 2nd, 1996 which was published in the Official Gazette No. 22805 dated October 10th,1996, associate degree nursing programme was dissolved and the school, which was renamed as Kastamonu School of Health under Gazi University, started to offer 4-year-bachelor’s degree from November 22nd 1996 onwards.

The School of Health was connected to Kastamonu University which was founded on the basis of the law no 5467 enacted on March 1st 2006 and carried out its academic activities.

Fazıl Boyner School of Health was dissolved  the decisions of Council of Ministers with No 2016/8562 dated January 25 2016, and Fazıl Boyner Faculty of Health Sciences was officially initiated. Fazıl Boyner Faculty of Health Sciences building located on Kuzeykent campus.

Fazıl Boyner Faculty of Health Sciences is composed of the following four departments:


Nutrition and Dietetics


Management of Health Institutions

Social Services

Currently, the Faculty offers education within the department of nursing, department Midwifery and the department of Nutrition and Dietetics.