The aim of the Department of Nursing is to ensure that its graduates have the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavioural characteristics  to protect and develop the health of individuals, families and the society, and provide care when needed, in accordance with the needs of the country and the contemporary approaches in light of the universal truths, to comprehend the philosophy of nursing and the role of nurses in the health care system. This is an undergraduate nursing program consisting of a four-year education. The Students are admitted to the Department through the examination administered by the Higher Education Council.

Our vision is  to be an institution training qualified nurses, and to be recognised and preferred at national and international level. Our mission is to train professional nurses carrying out their roles of caring, training, researching, consulting, defending and leading in protecting, improving and sustaining the health of individuals, families and the society, and providing health caring services to treat and rehabilitate, and to contribute to the development of basic nursing training and services in line with the scientific and technological advancements.